Applicant #26: Preston Kavanagh

Preston Kavanagh is a 22-year-old from Waterville.

Preston's video application:

Preston's current situation:

At this precise moment, I'm preparing for life beyond college - I'm in the space between finishing every exam and receiving a diploma. It's a little stressful to say the least; some people know what they're doing next year, others - a lot of others- don't. I obviously can't predict the way things will turn out, but I know what I'd like to be doing, and that's why I'm applying.

Preston's blog post:

Good Evening!

I'll try and keep this brief, since no one would visit a Young & Free application blog without an agenda - very few window shoppers. I'll spell out who I am and what I'm about, and then stop. Here goes:

My name is Preston Kavanagh, I grew up in Connecticut, then Arizona, then Connecticut, but most recently Maine, which has, by far, been my personal favorite. At the end of this week, I'll leave Colby College with a degree in French studies, but my real passion is theater - I think, at last count, I've done 22 shows over the last four years. So, I'm comfortable with public speaking, don't get stage fright, and can clearly juggle a tight schedule - eh, sorry, I'm not used to self-aggrandizement; I tend to be a bit blunt about it.

Beyond that, I am an enthusiastic hiker, played football in high school until my knees gave, picked up and put down the oboe, sang in the chorale, learned to ballroom dance (at least enough that no one stares), and generally try to dabble in just enough of everything to fake my way through any conversation. I'm also told I have a nice voice.

But enough about me - what I should be talking about is the Young and Free program. I like it, and I wish I'd been aware of it sooner, especially considering how long I'd held onto the idea that I would worry about finances later. I didn't think I had time, I did; I didn't think I made enough, I did; and I didn't think that in high school I even ought to worry it - I should've.

So that's how I see the job: a mix of educator and wake-up call. Maybe I'll get a different job description later, but, in whatever role, this seems valuable, worthwhile, and I'm prepared to give it my absolute best.