Applicant #3: Amanda Ferris

Amanda Ferris is a 22-year-old from Albion.

Amanda's video application:

Amanda's current situation:

I am currently working at a small diner in Albion. I am the cook, waitress, and dishwasher. It's a hectic job that requires multi-tasking like no other. Haha. I live with my parents so I can save money and pay off my student loans.

Amanda's blog post:

Okay, let's see.. now that it is getting warmer out I will most likely be outside as much as I can be. I LOVE boating, fishing, mudding, and bonfires!! I am pretty much your average small town Maine girl; except for one thing...... actually, nope, I am your average small town Maine girl!

I love animals. I have one cat and the diner where I work is on a farm (yes, on a farm) with horses and plenty of chickens. I enjoying living in my small farm town because of all the nature surrounding it; however, sometime I NEED to get out and go to the "city". Hanging out and being with people is my biggest enjoyment in life and I hope you vote me your 2011 Young & Free Spokes person so that I can travel all around the state and meet TONS of new friends!!!