Applicant #6: Seth Poplaski

Seth Poplaski is a 24-year-old from Bangor.

Seth online:

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Seth's current situation:

Currently I am working part time as a server and bar tender at the Texas Roadhouse in Bangor. I am looking to find a real job, like most everyone else my age. In my spare time, I love to take photos of scenery and sports, and hope to plan many trips to the coast this summer. I'm an easy going guy looking to help other young adults save money in Maine.

Seth's blog post:

Maine is great. I love Maine, but I have also come to find that having a college degree in Maine does not necessarily mean that you will find a job right after graduation. I've been out of school for a year and a half now, and am still looking to start a real job, one that I can call a career and not just a temporary job. I also know that life can throw us all unplanned changes and force us to cut costs to make up for other unforeseen consequences. For instance, I was living with a roommate up until 4 months ago, when she decided to move out and find a cheaper place. This would not have been a major problem, but I was given one week's notice and given no money to help pay rent for that month. Did I panic? You bet I did, but I found ways to save money without having to change my everyday routine too much.

I am absolutely addicted to Starbucks, and love the atmosphere there. Unfortunately, I have also found that I spend a ton of money on coffee and lattes throughout the year. When my roommate moved out on me, did I stop going to Starbucks? No, but I made some cost cuts so I could help alleviate the pain of an extra $300 a month. Instead of buying a flavored latte and pastry when I went, I now get regular coffee. Not only is it about two dollars cheaper, but the refills are much cheaper as well. Not only that, but black coffee, or coffee with a touch of milk is much healthier for you anyway. It may not seem like much, but the money really adds up. Now, I didn't completely make enough money for rent based on buying coffee rather than lattes, but it definitely helped.

I think that's what people, especially young adults ages 18-25 need to understand. I know I have thought that because I don't have the greatest job, I have to live a poverty stricken life and not be able to do anything I enjoy; however, that is simply not true. You can do what you love, as long as you do it within reason. Along with cutting back on coffee, I have also started to brew (and roast) my own coffee and make my own lattes at home. It saves mounds of money yearly. This is just one of the many ways I have found I can save money in my life, and I look forward to sharing more money saving tips!