Applicant #7: Ember Pelletier

Ember Pelletier is a 21-year-old from Augusta.

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Ember online:

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Ember's current situation:

Currently I am a full-time student at the University of Maine at Augusta studying Business Management. I work at cPort Credit Union as a teller. My high school sweetheart and I are still together, going on 5 strong years. I love everything about my life at this current time.

Ember's blog post:

Sometimes I lay awake at night thinking about money and how little of it I have... Like most people I know, especially around my age, I have debt. Recently I have been getting a grasp on my debt and TAKING IT DOWN!

How am I doing this?

First things first, set a budget for yourself! I was able to jot down all of my monthly expenses and income (what do you know? I have enough income to cover my expenses, but with very little wiggle room). I set up sub accounts within my normal membership account at my credit union that I named bills, fun, and future... Then I set up auto transfers to these accounts every time my paycheck gets directly deposited. Now, I have exactly enough money set aside for my bills, I am saving a little, and I am giving myself a little play money when I want to treat myself to a movie...

Second, I am making it a point to NOT spend so much money on clothes and dining out. These two expenses are my guilty indulgences. I used to be a sucker for a cute pair of shoes, but recently I have been saying, “Do you really need that?” I used to try and justify my purchases by only buying items that were on sale, but now I ask myself whether or not I would be buying this item if it was not on sale or if I didn’t have a coupon. Usually the answer is no, and I can just put it down and walk away. With dining out, it is almost the same tactic. I will ask myself “Do you need to go out to eat, or do you have something at home to make that would be just as good?” Now I have to admit that I haven’t really grasped the whole eating out less part because it is just so convenient; however, I am slowly but surely making more meals at home.

My mom would probably tell you that I am horrible at saving money, but that it because she is an extreme bargain hunter, (hey maybe if I get the spokesperson position, I can do a video on how to shop like my mom), but I would like to think that I am getting more frugal and now I have less sleepless nights because of money!