Applicant #8: Amanda Nadeau

Amanda Nadeau is a 22-year-old from Presque Isle.

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A class of 2011 graduate of New England School of Communications, studying marketing communications searching for the perfect job opportunity. A native Mainer originally from Presque Isle Maine, now living in Bangor. Also spending last summer in Portland interning at an advertising agency. Having a strong love for graphic design, acting, public relations, and marketing.

A creative Sox fan creating graphics that grab attention more than a no hitter from Lester. Most recently performing and creating graphics for the musical Tommy. Not afraid of speaking in front of people rather enjoying the experience. Passionate about building campaigns that deliver measurable results. A multi-talented professional with four years of demonstrated academic and professional success in marketing, advertising, and public relations. Strong writing and design skills and proficient with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

On the skills side my work on a promotional campaign to introduce a new customizable frappuccino for the Bangor Starbucks increasing sales by 400% in the first week. I am the perfect fit for your spokesperson. As a marketer I understand what tomorrow brings for my generation.

Amanda's blog post:

My generation doesn’t have it easy. Trying to juggle work, school, and life isn’t easy to handle. One of the scariest thoughts we have concerns money. Hoping gas prices will stay the same, ultimately knowing how fast they rise. Amidst Mother’s day I wanted to share words of wisdom from my wonderful mother. The best advice she shared was how to budget money wisely. While we may not know the price of gas tomorrow we need to remember to save for the future. Here are a few tips and tricks I picked up to make money one less stress.

First off stop reading this Blog for three seconds take two breaths. Phew! Now be ready to check your balance. Make two lists of ALL expenses for one month. One list for necessities, like gas and food, and one for the fun fund. Do you feel a little better? By knowing your expenses you can add to the rainy day fund! Now you know what you can cut back on, making sure you have money for gas. Knowing how much money you have to pay your expenses is one of the most important reasons to have a budget. The second most important reason for having a budget is knowing how much money you have after your expenses are paid.

Our generation is a little different than the past. Check Register’s aren’t the only way to budget your money. These days we combine online banking, app’s and check registers to budget with the speed of our lives. This will help keep the little purchases under control as we all know how fast our coffee bill can run up. Our banking institutions have to follow our tweets, posts and links as they happen.

Personally I make sure to put a certain amount of my paycheck into the bank, that way I don’t try and spend it. By having control of my money I feel less stressed. Most importantly I feel more prepared when the unexpected occurs. I’m not perfect and have made financial mistakes in the past. What I really want to get across to my generation is by simply saving now the long-term future will pay off. We must take small steps before leaping into the future.