How to Apply Your Shopping Skills to Save You Money

I think it's safe to say that any time we can save money, it's a good thing! 

When you are shopping, or buying a product, do you settle for the inferior option? Of course not! If there is a better product, for a cheaper price, it makes sense to go for the cheaper option. It's a simple concept that you probably already use with your day-to-day purchases, like groceries, or filling up your vehicle, but do you "shop" around for the best financial institution?

Question for you:  Have you ever shopped for the best place to keep your money?  

If not, get to work! Credit unions can offer the same products and services for CHEAP and with LESS FEES. In fact, the majority of credit unions have FEE-FREE checking accounts, whereas less than half of banks do. These facts are true! A study from, released Thursday, shows that:

"72% of the nation’s largest credit unions still offer free standalone checking accounts, compared to just 38% of the nation’s largest banks and thrifts.

An additional 26% of credit unions offer checking accounts that becomes free when certain financial requirements are met, which brings the total to 98% of credit unions."

So, if you are cutting back expenses and fees, why not check out your checking account? Do you have a fee-free account? If not, it may be time to put your shopping, researching, and comparing skills to find the BEST place for your money.

Have a great Monday,