Appreciating the Little Things in Life

Sometimes your brain just has huge cramps and can't think of anything witty or exciting to say. I feel like today is that kind of day for me. I searched the interweb for something fun to write about, but unfortunately came up empty today. I did however, find a lovely little article from Buzz Feed that discusses 15 small victories that will improve your day. After reading the article, I couldn't agree more! It instantly made me happy and got me excited about the next time any of these things happen. What are they? Well, here's a few of the examples from the article so you can see some of the small victories that will make you happy from day to day.

When you get the first dip into a new container of butter or margarine.

Yeah...greatest feeling ever!

When you get a super awesome prize in your cereal box

Seriously, does anyone remember Chex Quest? Best...prize...ever!

That moment you start a new tube of ChapStick

It's a glorious moment for your lips.


Check out the full article here!

What are the little moments in your life that you appreciate?

Seth P.