April Fools got the Best of me

I can't even tell you how many times my heart was crushed yesterday (and today)...actually that's a lie. I got duped twice, and both times were things I was crazy excited about. I am hoping that someone else got pranked like I did so you can share in my sadness! So today's blog is dedicated towards the two times I got fooled, and something that makes me feel a little better. Here it goes.

Free Red Sox Admission!

My uncle Tony lives in California. He knows I am a huge Red Sox fan, and decided to call me yesterday to inform me that he had seen on ESPN while he watching TV that the Red Sox had decided to release 2,500 tickets to their home opener. If you stood in line, you'd get free admission! If you know me, you realize that I am a huge Red Sox fan and would jump at the chance to go to a game...especially one for free (side note, if you ever want to give me tickets, I won't complain). I got all giddy and talked to Margaux about wanting to try and travel down to Boston to wait in line when the time came, when my uncle asked me what day it was. "April first", I replied. I had to sit and think for a few seconds before I realized I had been fooled big time! My heart was soooo happy...and then it was crushed. Trick number one!

Google 8-bit

I visit the blog Laughing Squid once or twice a day to see what kind of fun articles they have posted. I've even gotten some of my daily blog ideas from the site as well (remember my pay it forward blog?). I saw that on March 31 via the site, Google had announced that they were coming out with a brand new 8-bit version of Google maps. Not only that, but for the first time in 18 years, Google decided to release a version of the game/site on the old school NES! That brought happiness to my heart and I was once again excited about the craziness of Google and their creative thinking. They even had a nice little YouTube video to show how the whole thing worked...I just found out today that it was also an April Fool's Day joke, and I had been duped. I got duped TWO DAYS IN A ROW. I thought I was only supposed to get hit on April first...not both days. Well, instead of moping about my stupidity, or the sadness of not using a sweet 8-bit NES game, I tracked down a legit app for iPhones that is almost as sweet as the Google Maps 8-bit.

1-Bit Camera

Do you remember Game Boy Camera? I used to own a Game Boy, the big grey one. While I never had the chance to purchase the camera, I definitely played it when I visited places like Toys R Us and KB Toys. It was totally cool taking picture of yourself on a green screen and seeing your face pop up on a 1 or 2 bit screen. Well, I found an App that does essentially the same thing. It's called 1-Bit Camera, and it's only 99 cents at the app store. It made me feel nostalgic, and not as much of a butt head for falling for too many April Fool's Day pranks. So check out the one bit camera, which you can use on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. It's totally worth the dollar it costs!

Did you get duped on April first?

Seth P.