Are You The Next Young & Free Maine Spokester?

Build your resume as Spokester

The Young & Free Maine program, powered by Maine's Credit Unions has been running three years strong. First we had Seth, then Kylie, and now me as your third generation Spokester!

You now have the chance take over as Spokester and join the family! The thing about this job is it's truly unique, you have creative freedom, and get make a difference in other young people's lives. You'll learn about personal finance, credit unions, and 

Seth, Kylie, and I had a Spokester reunion to share our thoughts on why being Spokester is SO awesome. Check it the video below: 

The Spokester position is an amazing, unique, and professional experience to help you build your resume and network along the way. You'll take what you already know about writing, marketing, video production, and personal finance and expand upon it in more ways than you could ever imagine!

If this sounds like the job for you, apply by going to and submitting your resume & portfolio by May 19th. 

Be well, 

Lauren R.