Back to School with Credit Unions

Yesterday I went down to Bowdoin College in Brunswick to welcome new students at orientation as they prepared for their first year of college. It was great speaking with so many different people from all over the country and world.

One common thing among these first year students, no matter where they came from, was their busy schedules. Many of them felt a little overwhelmed by the whole process and though they were excited for new experiences, they all had a lot to worry about. 

Joining a credit union can help simplify your life and make your finances one less thing you have to worry about. With local support, shared branching, online banking, and convenient services, credit unions are a great choice for a busy college student.

A special thanks to the wonderful folks at Midcoast Federal Credit Union for a great day and best of luck to the students at Bowdoin as they start their college careers. 

I'll be visiting more schools and college campuses in the coming weeks. Stay connected on Facebook and Twitter for the latest info on where I'll be next.

Have you started school yet?

Kylie K.