Be Money Smart on Spring Break

The tickets are booked, the hotel reserved, and you’re on your way to a tropical destination for spring break. Have you prepared your wallet for this trip?

Spring break can cost a lot of money. While some of the big-ticket items were most likely paid for in advance, you’ll have additional costs when you get to your destination. Things like food, transportation from place to place, and your recreational activities can add up.

Avoid making your spring break getaway a financial stresscase by planning ahead. Here’s how.


Restaurants in touristy destinations are notoriously overpriced. Instead of dining out for every meal, visit a nearby grocery store and pick up some easy breakfast items. If your hotel has a refrigerator, stock up on milk for cereal. You can also grab a loaf of bread, sandwich meat, and cheese for easy and inexpensive lunches.

Of course, part of any vacation is experiencing the local fare, so don’t feel like you have to avoid restaurants altogether. Look up menus for nearby eateries and decide which places best fit your budget. You can also search Groupon for deals in your location.


The best way to avoid major transportation costs is to book your hotel in a walker friendly area. If you’ve already reserved your room and it’s not exactly pedestrian’s paradise, ask the hotel if they offer any complimentary shuttle service. If you’re staying in a metro area, research public transportation like busses, trains and subways, as they’re often cheaper than cabs.


You made it through the first part of spring semester and you’re ready for some fun! Many fun things to do while traveling, such as theme park passes, scenic tour tickets or other recreational activities carry hefty fees. Before you head out for some fun, research exactly what you get for your money. Are there extra costs for equipment? Can you get discounts for big groups? is a great resource for finding affordable activities to do all over the world. The site is geared towards college-age travellers, so their activities are sure to peak your interest.

If you’re on spring break this week, have fun, stay safe, and be money smart!

For those of you who won’t be heading elsewhere for a vacation, not to worry! You can still enjoy your spring break without spending money on a tropical trip. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog filled with ideas on making the most of your at-home spring break.

Kylie K.