Be Young & Free

What does it mean to be Young & Free?

Young & Free are two words and when they are put together they create infinite meaning and possibility. 

What being Young & Free means to me is different than what it means to you. For me, being Young & Free is about finding out who I am and learning from my mistakes.

I had the chance to meet the talented and lovely Spokesters from Alabama, Indiana, Florida, St. Louis, Michigan, and Alberta, Canada at the annual Spokester meet-up in October. We shared our thoughts and ideas and collaborated on a video project about what it means to be Young & Free. It's different for all of us. And we wanted to embrace that and let you know that too. 

To our parents and even our grandparents, being Young & Free might sound a lot like being clueless and carefree. But we're smarter than that. That's why credit unions are a smarter choice for us. 

Credit unions put people before profits. Credit unions believe in you and your dreams. See what a credit union can do for you.

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This video was created by the Young & Free Spokesters to celebrate and promote credit unions. Seven of of our Young & Free Spokesters came together in Nashville, Tennessee to create this awesome video. Learn more about them:


Lauren R.