Becca: Top three finalist???? Are you serious!?

A few weeks ago I was in my car riding home from The Husson University campus. I had just dropped my boyfriend off at class, and was stuck at one of the many red lights, listening mindlessly to the radio when I heard it - the ad for Maine’s Next Young And Free Spokesperson. The job literally seemed too good to be true. Get paid to blog and be creative and silly? Get a free car to travel around the state and promote credit unions and give financial advice to your peers? Get a free camera and laptop to edit awesome videos and host your own online show??? Needless to say, it sounded incredible. But then again, so doesn’t everything else you hear. But nobody ever really WINS those things, right?

Wrong. I went home and went to their website, only to find that the application was surprisingly easy and there weren’t that many applicants. I started writing my script right away and next thing I knew, was getting called in for an interview.

The entire interview process was an adventure. Let me tell you. I drove two and a half hours only to have my car break down 5 minutes away from my destination. Don’t worry! I made it on time and nailed my interview! But I also had my car towed to a garage and had to sit awkwardly in the lobby with my boyfriend and dog for another 2 hours, waiting for my mom or somebody from home to come pick us up. But wait! Then the garage calls and tells me that my car was beyond hope unless I wanted to buy a whole new engine! HELLO! I don’t have the money for that! So I picked my car up and tried to drive the last 45 minutes to my parents house where I could take the time to stop, think and eat some dinner! Well, we broke down again. And this time we broke down for good. My car now rests in Biddeford somewhere, waiting to be scrapped. 

My mom drove me back up to Bangor the next day where I have been sitting carless and very stressed out. But that didn’t stop the good news from coming! Friday afternoon I got a call from Cheryl letting me know I had made it to the final 3!!!! 

I still can’t really believe it. And I’m beyond nervous. I KNOW I would rock this job. I KNOW I could be a professional, active and fun spokesperson. I KNOW I would be great. But I know all 3 of us must feel that way, and I’ve never been one to win popularity contests. I was never the prom queen. I was the nerdy band president and theater geek. But it takes all kinds, right?

I won’t give up hope. I want this job more than anything, and I know I deserve it. I’ve been through SO much since graduating high school (fun stories to be posted at a later date) And I know I have the experience to help others get through the tough times just like me.

This is from my new Tumblr blog. :)