Best of: Fresh Baked Friday

 Fresh Baked Friday is the tastiest day of the week. I've shared healthy recipes, not-so-healthy recipes, adventurous concoctions and favorite family comfort foods all year long. This was the hardest category to narrow down. How can I choose my favorite recipes when they're all so good?

I picked these four dishes for Best of Fresh Baked Friday based on three criteria. 

  • How frequently I make these recipes in my own home
  • Comments from readers/Young & Free Maine fans
  • Deliciousness-factor captured in the recipe photo

Have you tried any of these recipes yourself? 


Tomato Super Soup

A credit union staff member told me that this recipe cured his pregnant wife's morning sickness! I am no medical professional, but his personal testimonial was quite convincing. I love this soup because it's hearty, flavorful and perfect for chilly, rainy afternoons. Here's hoping we don't have weather like that anytime soon, but this recipe will come in handy this fall.


Independence Day Treats

My first Fresh Baked Friday recipe ever! It seemed fitting that this make the Best of Fresh Baked Friday list since 4th of July is just around the corner. I can't believe it's almost been a year since I posted this. Time flies when you're eating delicious food! 


Healthy Chocolate Brownies

These brownies are a favorite among the Young & Free Maine team. I've received many thankful comments from fans and team members alike for this recipe. What makes these brownies so special? A secret ingredient makes them extra-healthy and ultra-gooey. Try 'em out and see for yourself!


Buffalo Chicken Dip

When I first posted this recipe on the Young & Free Maine Facebook page it got so many shares, likes and comments! I knew it had to be part of my Best of Fresh Baked Friday post. Something about buffalo chicken makes people go wild! Delicious and easy. What's not to love?

Do you have a favorite Fresh Baked Friday recipe?

Kylie K.