Best of: Smart Shopping

We could all use some tips to make us smarter shoppers, right? I’ve written plenty of blogs on this subject. Here are my favorite pieces from the Smart Shopping category. Do you have a favorite Smart Shopping post?


Money Lies We Tell Ourselves

Honesty is the best policy, even when it comes to money. So why do we tell ourselves these lies about our finances? This blog details some of the lies we tend to tell ourselves about our money and tips to be more honest with ourselves about our spending.


10 on Tuesday: Top Credit Card Mistakes

Credit cards are tricky, but you can learn from the mistakes of others to make your credit card experience stress-free. Save your money and protect your credit with the tips in this blog.


Overpriced Products You Probably Purchased

Prices are rising and you may think you're an expert bargain hunter, but there's a chance you've purchased a few of these overpriced items without even knowing they've been marked up! Don't worry, this blog will fill you in on items that are most often overpriced and how to avoid them.


Cut Your Grocery Bill

We all need to eat, so why spend more than you have to on food? This blog gives tips to reduce your spending at the grocery store.

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