Best of: The CU Difference

I’ve written many blogs on many different topics this year as Young & Free Maine Spokester. With the search for the new Spokester wrapping up tomorrow, I’ve been going through old pieces and reflecting on all the tips and stories I’ve shared. This week, I’ll showcase my favorite blogs and videos. Today, I’ll showcase some of my favorite blogs from The CU Difference category.

Do you remember these pieces? It seems like forever since I wrote some of these blogs!

Clicking the blog titles will bring you to the original post so you can enjoy these tips, tricks and stories again or for the first time if you missed them.  


CU Employees Love Their Jobs

What makes credit unions really stand out among other financial institutions? Incredible service. Who makes the incredible service possible? Credit union employees. In this blog, I interview three Gen Y CU employees to hear what they love about working at a credit union.


Want Convenience? Forget the Bank

A friend from out of state visited us in Maine. While he was here he needed to get some cash. The problem? He's a customer at a big bank and the closest ATM and branch was 20 minutes away from our house. It was super inconvenient. Hear how my friend could have avoided this inconvenience by forgetting his bank and joining a credit union.


My Little Brother Uses Shared Branching

I love my little brother for many reasons. One of them: He’s a credit union member and he loves shared branching! Don’t take my word for it, read his thoughts and opinions on this blog.


10 on Tuesday: Reasons to Join a CU

Need a reason to join a credit union? Here are 10 reasons!

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Kylie K.