Best of: Videos

Creating new videos every week for Young & Free Maine has been one of my favorite parts about being Spokester. I love telling stories with personal interviews and exciting footage. It was so hard to narrow down my favorite videos, but these four represent the many different topics and styles of videos I’ve produced this year. From race cars to rock concerts, I've filmed it all. Do you have a favorite Young & Free Maine video?

Young & Free On the Road: UMaine Formula SAE

The episode of Young & Free On the Road came out just last month, but it is one of my favorite pieces I've worked on this year. The UMaine Formula SAE team was so great to work with, and it's clear they're passionate about their team and their sport. If you need a good laugh, this video will do the trick. The boys' team slogan is quite entertaining. 

Financial Fitness Fairs are a big part of the Spokester role. I visited over 15 different high schools, helping juniors and seniors across the state learn valuable money management skills with a fun simulation. This episode of CU in a Minute takes a look at financial fitness fairs. 

What Young & Free Means to Me

It's no secret that I'm a huge music fan. I was able to participate in many music-centric events as the Spokester, like KahBang and Sound Off, and in my free time I traveled to see my favorite bands play live. With this video, I shared what a concert experience is like for me and what being Young & Free means to me.

What is a Cooperative?

This was the second video I ever made for Young & Free Maine! I stopped by the Cabot Cooperative Tour to learn all about cooperatives and of course, try some Seriously Sharp Cheddar Cheese! Ever had a cheddar cheese s'more? Hear my review of this unique snack in this video.

Kylie K.