Big Baby is Coming to Maine

If you follow the NBA at all, you undoubtedly know that the league is currently in lockdown mode and it appears that there may not be a season this year. My fingers are crossed, and I am hoping that both sides come together to reach an agreement, much like the NFL did a few months back. As far as I know, they are nowhere near a deal, but you never know what could happen. All this is to say that despite the lockout, many NBA players are using their time for various things. Some are looking at the possibility of playing in Europe for a season and some have gotten other jobs (most of them are crazy jobs. For instance, Blake Griffin has an internship with Funny or Die). Still, some of the players are using their time to promote various causes and raise money for different charities. One member of the Boston Celtics is coming to Maine this week. That player is Glen, "Big Baby" Davis.

I came across this article today which talked about what Big Baby had been doing, and in fact, he is coming to Maine tomorrow (Thursday) to help celebrate the construction of some new basketball courts in Portland. The event is taking place on Anderson Street in Portland at 4:45 PM. Big Baby will help ring in the construction of the new courts, and according to the article, they will have a positive effect in the community. They are replacing the old courts with newer, bigger ones.

This article stuck out to me for more than one reason. First off, I think it's a great move by the community to put in new courts. As someone who lives down the road from a basketball court that was recently renovated, I can tell you that it attracts a great deal of interest in the community. Within the first day it was open, I saw tons of people getting ready to play a pick up game. I don't doubt that this will have the same effect in Portland. Secondly, how often do we get to see members of our beloved Celtics in Maine? It doesn't happen very often, and I think it is a standup move by Big Baby to come and celebrate the construction of the new courts. It shows me that even in the midst of the NBA lockout, there are players who genuinely care about their fans, and are happy to show up and promote worthy causes. I won't be able to make it tomorrow, but I encourage you to check out the festivities if you get a chance!

Are you a basketball fan? Will you be there tomorrow?

Seth P.