Big Money in Online Auctions

One of the recoccuring conversations I have with my friends is finding a way to make some extra cash without having to work too much throughout the school year. Let's face it, it's nice to be able to focus on your studies rather than having to work through college if at all possible (although I worked full time through college and made it through). One of the most interesting ways, I find, to make money is by selling items using online auction sites. The most common that we all know of is Ebay.

While I have never bought anything from the site, Ebay is a great resource to find textbooks, car parts, tickets to concerts and just about everything else in between. If you're lucky, you may have some trinkets hanging around your house that you can sell on Ebay, and possibly make a substancial amount of money. While I don't suggest going through your belongings and selling all your junk (that's what yard sales are for), you may have something that people really want. Here are some big ticket items that have gone on Ebay, and are being sold on Ebay for much more then the price which they were purchased.

Missoni Rain Boots

I have never heard of these boots, and I am fairly certain they aren't for males anyway, but I liken them to Vera Bradley Purses. People like them because they are funky. These boots generally sell for about $35ish at Target, but apparently there is a shortage of them in certain areas of the country. People are selling these for upwards of $100 per pair of boots, more than twice the amount they paid at the store. In fact, CNN Money recently wrote an article on one pair of these boots that are being auctioned off for $31,000 in hopes of paying tuition for a year. No one has bid on it yet, but the woman selling says she is confident she can get someone to purchase the boots at the price she is asking. If you have the money, here is a link to the boots.

Starbucks Double Lined Tumblers

I don't know why these ended up being hot sellers, because I always see them on display, but apparently certain areas of the country ran out of these double lined tumblers when they first came out. Yes, they were also sold for oodles of money. They go for about $20 and people definitely sold them for upwards of $75. Recently, a Starbucks mug that had been discontinued sold for $1,603. Can you imagine spending $12 on a mug and getting more than $1,500 back for it? KACHING!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

If you didn't hear about this story, you may have lived under a rock. In 2004, Ebay made national news when one of its members sold a grilled cheese sandwich on the website for an astounding $28,000. This was no ordinary grilled cheese sandwich however. The bread donned a strange likeness to the Virgin Mary. Apparently the owner/maker of the sandwich had grilled it up and took a bite out of it before realizing a picture had been formed on one side of the bread. She thought it looked like the Virgin Mary, and then kept it in a plastic baggy for 10 years before auctioning it off. Needless to say, I have made quite a few grilled cheeses in my time, and never had anything that exciting happen to me. Generally speaking, I only end up with what I originally planned to make, a grilled cheese sandwich.

I have never tried to sell anything on Ebay, and I'll admit that some of the things I have found on there are just plain bizarre. Needless to say, you never know if what you have hanging around your room is something worthwhile to another person in the world. You know what they say. One man's trash (or sandwich) is another man's treasure.

Do you shop or sell on Ebay?

Seth P.