Beware Of Black Friday!

Black Friday. 

The long-awaited, most (in)famous shopping day of the year. 

It's like the saying says, we trample each other for sales the day after we are thankful for all that we have. It seems ironic. Yet people are so insistent on reaching the best Black Friday deals, which, as it turns out, may not even be in stores.

1.  Stores are offering the same deals online. Some major retailers are offering deals online and early.

    •    Staples' Black Friday deals available online starting Thursday.

    •    Best Buy's Black Friday deals available online starting Thursday and will reveal exclusive doorbusters on Thanksgiving.

    •    Target offering Black Friday deals online, with free shipping and no required minimum purchase now through December 25.

    •    Walmart's Black Friday sales begin online on Thursday at 3:01 a.m. ET, 12:01 a.m. PT.

    •    GameStop's sales are available online on Black Friday through Sunday November 29.

    •    Kohl's is starting its Black Friday deals early online on Monday November 23.

    •    Macy's Black Friday sale starts online on Thursday, and there's free shipping with a $50 purchase.

Black Friday Shopping has become Madness, And It Gets Dangerous

Just Google “Black Friday Fights…” Ask yourself:  Is the deal really worth it? Injuries and arrests are typical of Black Friday shopping, and are a couple of the reasons why Black Friday has earned a "violent" reputation.

Black Friday is no longer a one-day event

Some major retailers are making Black Friday a week-long sales event, leading up to Thanksgiving. In addition, you are not only limited to “Black Friday,” there is also, “Cyber Monday.

Deals aren’t always better on Black Friday (just so you know)

As you deliberate Black Friday and holiday shopping, remember that it's not always about the material items. It is shocking to see how people can behave so violently toward one another over a TV, or a toy. Please remember the true meaning of holiday shopping!

Happy and safe shopping to all!