Blog Potpourri

I didn't really have one specific topic to write about today, so I decided to share a few random things on the internet that I enjoy. Some are awesome, and some are...well let's face it. They are all awesome! Here is what I have found on the internet that is entertaining, useful, and may save you some money!

Uncle Drew

For all you sports fans out there, Kyrie Irving (who used to play for Duke and is now playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers) recently dressed up as an old man. He called himself Uncle Drew, and went to a pickup basketball game to watch his nephew, "Kevin". He ends up getting to play as someone gets hurt and hilarity ensues. Enjoy the awesomeness that is Uncle Drew!

Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock

I'm pretty sure this is the greatest invention ever. Ben & Jerry's came up with an idea to purchase a lock to place on top of your ice cream pint so people can't sneak a bite or two off from it when you aren't around. Why is this important? Well, if you are an ice cream fanatic like myself, you should probably protect the good stuff with anything you've got! Ben & Jerry's is just about as good as it gets, and what better way to save money then by not having to buy more if people sneak a bite or two from you! Okay, that may be a far stretch, but I'd still use it!

Google Synthesizer

Google has some pretty cool home pages and each one I feel gets more awesome. Today is no different! Seriously, go to Google right now and check it out. IT'S A FREAKING SYNTHESIZER!

What awesomeness have you found on the internet lately?

Seth P.