Budget Friendly Random Acts of Kindness

You can make a difference in someone’s day without spending a lot of money. These random acts of kindness are also kind to your wallet.

Pay for the order of someone behind you at the drive-thru

I’ll never forget the time I was waiting in the drive-thru lane on a frigid winter morning to retrieve my hazelnut coffee from the pick-up window when the attendant smiled and said, “It’s taken care of.” I was confused until she pointed at the unassuming red car pulling out of the parking lot, “He wanted to pay for your order. Just a random act of kindness, I guess?” This mystery man put smile on my face, all for the cost of a medium coffee. I was inspired to pay it forward that day, and proceeded to take care of the tab for the person waiting behind me.

Donate items to charity

Go through your closets and clean out your basement. If you have clothing or other goods that have gone unused for months, consider donating them to your local Goodwill. Let someone else put your things to good use.


Head out into your community and donate your time to a worthy organization or cause. Visit Volunteer Maine to search for volunteer opportunities.

Mow your neighbor’s lawn

If you’re outside doing yard work and you notice that the Smith’s grass is reaching hayfield status, take a few passes with your mower.

Bake something for your co-workers

Baked goods are always an exciting part of an otherwise bleak morning in the office. Throw together something delicious the night before work and put it in the break room with a small note welcoming everyone to a sweet treat. Some healthy chocolate brownies or strawberry glazed doughnuts should do the trick.

Hold the door

Easy. Polite. Free.

Clean your parent’s house

My mother works so hard during the week balancing a job, taking care of my younger siblings, tending the animals and maintaining the house that she rarely has any free time. I like to pop in while she’s at work to do the vacuuming and dusting so she can take the evenings to relax.

How will you pay it forward today?

Kylie K.