Why Buy Local?

Last weekend, I visited the Orono Farmers' Market, and learned a lot about why buying local is so important. It not only supports local farmers, but also allows you to learn where your food comes from and gives you the chance to get to know your farmers. 

Money spent at a farmers' market is well worth the extra dollar or two. Your money stays in the community to help support local businesses, to keep our communities alive! 

I spoke with Billy Barker, from Enchanted Kitchen at Fly Farm and Jessie Dowling, from Fuzzy Udder Creamery. As local farmers, they shared their perspective on how buying local helps the community. 

Try this delicious, farm-fresh recipe! 

Ingredients:  Romaine Lettuce, grilled peppers, grilled red potatoes, grilled mushrooms and red kidney beans. Add your favorite dressing! 

Have a great weekend!