Co-Operatives in Maine

So today is normally a Tasty Thursday blog, but we are stepping aside from that to talk about the different co-operatives in Maine. On Tuesday we talked about what a co-operative is and how this is the international year of the co-operative. We talked about how Maine's credit unions (and all credit unions) fall into this category, but what else is out there for co-operatives? Well, I'm glad you asked! Here's a few organizations around Maine that hold this title.

Maine Potato Growers Co-Op

Based in Presque Isle, the Maine Potato Growers Co-Op is probably one of the organizations that you have benefited from, but didn't know existed. With Northern Maine being a huge producer of potatoes for our state, and the country, this co-operative helps ensure that they are meeting the needs of the community, and surrounding communities.

Maine Food Co-Ops

One of the slogans you may see in the grocery store in the produce section is, "Eat Local, Be Local". Many of the Maine food co-operatives are responsible for providing the surrounding grocery stores with fresh produce. So what is considered local? Well, according to Fare Share Co-op, anything that is delivered within 25 miles is local. I would go as far as saying buying anything that is made in Maine is local. Yay for local food!

Maine's Credit Unions

It's worth repeating! Maine's credit unions are all co-operatives, and are devoted to helping promote community growth in various ways. Whether it's something fun like our Sound Off competition, or something beneficial for those in need like the Campaign for Ending Hunger in Maine, Maine's credit unions really try to make sure they can help you out in any way possible. I'd tell you where they all are, but given the fact that there are over 150 locations in Maine, you probably just have to turn around in order to find one!

Are there other co-operatives in Maine? You bet! Check out the co-operative Maine website to find out what is in your area!

What co-operatives do you use?

Seth P.