Coffee Shop Talk

I don't know why coffee is on my mind today. It's probably because I haven't had my first cup yet and it's already three. I came across a fun little article from the Wall Street Journal about things your local barista will not tell you. Not all of it is bad, but some of the things are probably worth noting. Here are just a few of them!

The largest latte may not have the extra kick

The bigger the coffee the more caffeine right? theory that makes sense, but that only pertains to regular drip coffee. Lattes generally have the same amount of espresso in their medium and large drinks. Starbucks' Grande and Venti drinks have two shots of espresso even though the Venit is bigger. So instead of getting more coffee, you are getting more milk! If you want more of a kick, ask for more espresso!

The darker the roast, the less the caffeine

Wait...That doesn't make sense does it? I would think that the darker the roast, the more caffeine you have. It's actually not true. Because darker roasts have been cooked longer, it burns off more of the caffeine! Ever wonder why breakfast roasts are generally mild? It's because they have a bigger kick to them to get your day started on the right foot.

Be nice, or you'll get decaffed

Be nice to the people behind the window or behind the counter! They are making your drink, and even though they won't spit in it, they can very well pour you a cup of nice hot decaf coffee. As someone who is slightly addicted to caffeine, I am always nice to my barista. I haven't had a caffeine free coffee yet either! Now, I'm not saying that it will necessarily happen, but if you are a jerk to someone, there's a chance that they may not give you exactly what you want...and cue the headaches!

There's a list of ten things you may want to know, so I encourage you to check out the whole article. Now about that first cup of coffee...

What tips do you have for ordering?

Seth P.