Cost Cutting Measures to Save you big Bucks

Oh my gosh...What a Monday this has already been! I slept at my parents last night and left this morning. I couldn't find my wallet so I went back to my parents house to find it. It wasn't there, and I realized it was in my other pants back at my house in Bangor. Well, after getting back to Bangor, I realized I had left my laptop back at my parents house. Monday, you suck!

Today, I found a lovely little article from Yahoo! Finance which talked about different cost cutting measures that can save you thousands of dollars at the end of the year. Now, I know we've addressed this before, but let's be honest. Any time that I find a way to save money, I figure it's probably worth writing about. So here we go!

Health Care and Insurance

I'm someone who has lived with unpleasant heartburn for about...12 years now. I used to be on a prescription, and now I do Prilosec OTC to help quench the unpleasantness. One of the ways you can cut down costs is to buy generic drugs instead of name brand drugs whether it's buying store brand pain reliever or getting the generic brand of prescription medication. Both can save you a decent amount of money at the end of each year.

Save More With Online Shopping

These days, we all online shop. Often times we think we've found a really great deal but want to wait to see if a better one will pop up. If you are a constant online shopper, you should download this toolbar. The website is called, Free Price Alerts. Essentially, once you download the toolbar and start shopping, if you look at certain items, the toolbar will inform you if and when there is a cheaper deal for the item you are looking at. It's a free download and it will definitely cut your time comparing prices from site to site. It works with many sites such as Amazon, Best Buy and many others.

Free Texting

You'll need an android phone or iPhone for this one, but if you are okay with using a free texting app, you can completely get rid of or cut down the messaging plan on your phone. Unlimited texting can cost a decent amount of money depending on the plan and provider. Downloading a free texting app will cut your cost by as much as a few hundred dollars.

For a full list of these money saving tips, check out the article on Yahoo! It's definitely worth it!

What are your money saving tips for 2012?

Seth P.