Crazy Tax Deductions

It's that time of year we come to love and dread. Tax season is upon us. If you are getting money back, you love it and if you are paying in, you probably hate it. Thankfully, I should be getting some amount of money back. It might be helpful when I have to give back the Green Machine in a few months! Walking to work may be an issue. For some people, there are some legitimate tax deductions that we overlook. For instance, Opportunity Maine is an incentive program for Maine college graduates to stay in the state and work. You actually get money back if you work in Maine within your field! I missed the cut with the program, but it's totally worth it for you upcoming graduates. I came across a pretty entertaining article about some of the craziest things people try to write off for tax purposes. Business do have expenses, and often times you can write off certain things and get some money back (for instance, uniforms, business mileage, etc). Sometimes, however, people take really weird items and try to write them off. Here are just a few that left me scratching my head saying....what the what??

Carrier Pigeons

Yes, for those people who believe that all technology is not trustworthy and big brother can see everything, you can use carrier pigeons. Apparently in Phoenix, AZ a tax paying businessman decided that he didn't trust cell phones or email, but his cohort in business was across town. Instead of texting, they bought messenger pigeons to communicate. I mean...It sounds like a great idea to me, but I have a feeling updating your Facebook status via pigeon probably doesn't work....Just saying.

Hip replacement for a dog

Some people are not blessed with children. Some have pets, and think of them as their children. Try as you might though, pets that act like humans do not get rewarded with tax deductions. A woman in Missouri tried to write off her dog's $8,000 hip surgery saying that her "dependent" was her dog. Fortunately, the tax preparer looked and turned down the deduction. Fido may be your best friend, but he's not your child.

Evian Water

Are you a fan of bottled water? Get a prescription for it and you can get it deducted from your taxes. Yes, an unnamed wealthy woman was given a prescription from her doctor to drink three bottles of Evian water each day. She was able to write it off for the cost of $1,095 because she has a prescription and was able to prove it by keeping a slip of the doctor's note. My question? What illness could you possibly have that only allows you to drink Evian water?

I highly recommend checking out the other 11 from the article. If anything, it's a good laugh! So when you are preparing your taxes, may have something out there that may be deductible!

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Have you prepared your taxes yet?

Seth P.