Creative Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day is the one day a year that is dedicated to loving your significant other. Let's be honest though. If you aren't showing your undivided love to your spouse/mate the other 364 days, you better change your ways! Let's hope that most of you have already planned out your Valentine's Day, but on the off chance that you happened to forget that today is a day filled with candy and roses, here are a few last minute ideas for you! The last thing you want is coming home to someone who has done something awesome for you and you have nothing for them. Ouch!

Make Dinner

You come home and you totally forgot to make a reservation! "OH CRAP" you think to yourself, but remain calm as you decide to make dinner at home instead. Pick up a decent bottle of wine (if you are of age) and make a tasty, simple dinner for you and your lover. I can tell you that as a male, cooking and making a delicious meal is a great way to earn some brownie points. Not sure what you should cook? Check out my Tasty Thursday blogs! You'll find some great ideas.

Coupon Book

It may seem a little corny, but there are undoubtedly some things you hate doing that your significant other would like you to do. Maybe it's cleaning the dishes. Maybe it's giving a massage or a foot rub. Perhaps it's putting down the controller for a day and watching a nice chick flick! Whatever it is, make a coupon book that allows them to use at their convenience. It can be as big or as small of a book as you want, but it will show your love that you care about them! The good news is all you need for this is some markers or crayons and some paper. Boom!


I'm not talking going out and buying a dozen roses. Yeah, sure that's nice, but how about trying this instead. Buy her some flower bulbs instead that you need to plant. That way, you can see the flowers grow and eventually you will be able to plant them outside in the springtime. Not only have you gotten your significant other some nice flowers, but you've given them something to take care of and something that will look great in your windowsill or flower garden in just a few months!

One of the things I try and do is to wait off until the day after to buy most Valentine's Day related goodies. I mean, let's be honest. If you can wait one day, chances are, you'll get your goodies for 50% off. Most places want to dump their holiday items so they can prepare for the next holiday...which I believe is St. Patrick's Day. If you can come to a compromise with your significant other to wait one day before going and getting anything, you may save yourself a little green!

What are your creative ideas for a special Valentine's Day?

Seth P.