Creative Ways to Fundraise!

Do you want to make a difference in someone's life? For many Maine families, hunger is a significant issue. Current reports reveal that 1 in 4 Maine children is food insecure, and 15% of Maine families are also food insecure. By hosting your own fundraiser, you can change a life! 

To make it fun and successful, here are some creative fundraising ideas! 

1. Make it holiday-themed! People love buying holiday treats and decorations this time of year, so if you are skilled at baking or making holiday decoration items, sell them and put the money toward the fundraiser! 

2. Get your roommates involved! Use a jar, and come up with a household rule. If you catch a roommate breaking the rule, they have to put change in the jar! Collect the change and use it toward your fundraising goal! 

 Recipe from

Recipe from

3. For every canned good you buy, get one extra. Do this repeatedly, and challenge your friends to do the same. Eventually, you will build up a significant donation! 

4. Holiday gifts in a jar! Make these holiday gifts, and sell them to your friends or family. If they need a gift to give, these are perfect! 

Remember to register and join the Walk to End Maine Hunger on December 3rd. Feel good this holiday season and give back! 

Register Here. 

Happy Fundraising, and Happy Friday!