Credit Unions Continually Amaze Me

First off, one of the questions I have been getting recently is, "What are you going to do after Young and Free?" Well, after watching yesterday's AFC championship game, I've decided to try out for the Ravens. I'm pretty sure I could shank a kick just as badly as Billy Cundiff did yesterday, and even take a pay cut from what he was making! All jokes aside, today I got a chance to head down to Augusta and hung out at Capital Area Technical Center (CATC) and also Maine Education Credit Union.

It was a first for me, seeing a credit union actually part of a technical high school, and it was probably one of the coolest places I've seen so far. First off, the color scheme was blue and green so I just felt like I was in a Young and Free credit union branch. Secondly, I got to talk to a good amount of high school guys and girls in an assembly and individual classes about finances, my job, and things to prepare for in the next coming years. They were all very receptive, as you can see in the picture below, and were excited to learn more about credit unions and how they could help them in the future.

I also got a chance to hang out for the afternoon at Maine Education Credit Union's in school branch. It's a newer branch, and believe it or not, while I was there in the afternoon, they opened up three new accounts! Talk about seeing your work pay off!

I could probably type for a few hours about the great time I had, or about the fact that credit unions continually amazing me in how they care for their members. I could talk about how the kids at CATC were and are rock stars and made me feel at home. I could talk about how credit unions absolutely want their members to have a good experience the second they walk through the door, but honestly, you should probably just check one out yourself if you haven't already!

Aren't credit unions awesome?

Seth P.