Credit Unions in Maine are Growing with Gen Yers!

Hey everyone! It's hard to believe that my stint with Young and Free Maine is almost at the six month mark. It will officially be six months on December 27th. One of the ways we determine how popular/successful the program has been is by looking at different numbers. I like to look at how many "likes" Young and Free has on Facebook because it shows me that people have actually heard about the program and have taken some kind of interest to it. I know that this is a very small piece to the whole puzzle but it still shows some amount of popularity. I also check to see how many people follow the program on Twitter. Similar to Facebook, it's not necessarily indicative (your five cent word of the day) of how successful the program really is, but still important to track. Probably one of the most beneficial ways to track the success of the program is to see how the numbers have changed in credit union land. It's a magical place filled with...umm...lots of fun? Anyway, we just received numbers on how the program has been received in Maine, and it's rocking! Here's some of the key highlights that you may find interesting.

Growth of Credit Unions

Out of the credit unions who reported for this latest number crunch, it was determined that there has been a 13.4% member­ship growth in 18 to 25 year-old members since the Young & Free Maine program began in April. Woo! That's an awesome figure! Gen Yers are really jumping on board with Young and Free Maine, and taking advantage of all the awesome benefits that they have to offer (like free4ME checking)

Average age of a Credit Union Member

Nationally, the average age of a credit union member is...anyone...anyone (Ferris Bueller reference) 47 years old. The average age of credit union members at participating credit unions decreased a full year during that period, to 45 from age 46. Woah! That's really awesome! That's a two year difference from the national average! Give yourself a pat on the back for being Young and Free and bringing those numbers down.

Average Age of a free4ME Account Holder

In our latest number crunch, the average age of free4ME account holders is 19. Considering this rocking account is available for anyone from 18-25, it lets me know that you all are taking advantage of credit unions at a younger age...which is awesome. The younger you join, the more your credit union can help you set yourself up for the future!

Here's the actual article, and I encourage you to check it out! It was published by CUNA, the Credit Union National Association. Once you are done reading this, give yourself a pat on the back if you are a credit union member, a free4ME account holder or have helped spread the good news about Young and Free Maine and the program! Thanks!

Have you taken advantage of what credit unions have to offer?

Seth P.