Curing Writer's Block

It's around that time in college when people are working their capstone projects. Normally, this takes a lot of time and effort and also a fair amount of writing. Coming up in the journalism department in college, I wrote articles and news stories nearly every week. Believe me, it was not always easy and I definitely had brain cramps and writer's block on more than one occasion. I may or may not have even attempted to write my capstone in one night (and succeeded...Sorry professor Socolow) and got a B+. I don't recommend that, but I do understand how awful writer's block can be. In fact, I get it about once a week. I'll sit in my office (Starbucks) and have no idea what to write about. Instead of glaring at the screen and not knowing what to write, here's a few tips on breaking your block!

Eat a Snack

I love this idea! Feed a writer's block. Sometimes your brain just needs a little dose of calories or sugars to get it kick started. It's true. Ask Margaux about me and not eating. I'm not diabetic, but I can tell you when my blood sugar is low. It definitely affects my mood, but also my ability to write creatively. Grabbing a drink, or small bite to eat can break writer's block.

Turn On Music

Listening to music while writing is one of the best ways I have found to cure writer's block. Something about listening to music while writing makes it easier for me to rip out pages and pages of material. I'll get a playlist of tunes to amp me up and start typing away. Sometimes I even type to the beat of the music and that also adds another element of fun. I know I'm a nut job, but seriously, try it. That capstone will sound so much better if you're typing to the beat of your music!

Go Burn Some Calories

Sometimes you can get so frustrated that you want to scream and yell and break your computer. I've been there. I didn't break my computer, but sometimes it's worth it to go for a walk, run, or do something active. I find that tennis is a great way for me to blow off steam because I can take all my aggression out on the ball (or my racket) and get all the stress out. Coming back and writing after a good workout is a great way to kill writer's block. Try it out!

For a list of 36 ways to cure writer's block for bloggers check this article out. It's full of good ideas!

What are ways you cure writer's block?

Seth P.