Decorating the Tree on the Cheap

I grew up having a real Christmas tree in our house every year. We'd make a tradition of going out to a tree farm and picking a tree out every year. We'd chop it down, carry it to our van and then go inside of the shop for some nice hot cider and a donut. After driving home, we'd start to decorate the tree. Something I remember from my childhood was the amount of homemade ornaments that we had on our tree. I don't know about you, but I loved making ornaments and hanging them on the tree each year. We still use many of the same ornaments that we used to back in the day, and now it's a great way to remember the years growing up when we'd all decorate the tree as a family. While I haven't gotten a tree this year (mostly because I have no room for one) I am hoping to carry on the tradition of making our own ornaments for many years to come. Here's a few fun and cheap ornaments/decorations you can use on your tree this year!

Do it yourself popcorn garland

My mother used to sew a fair amount, so she always had thread and needles hanging around the house. If you have popcorn, cranberries and thread, you can make some really great garland that adds a nice pop (rim shot) to your tree. It's cheap, easy and a fun addition to your tree. Be careful you don't spear yourself with the needle though!

Spray painted pine cones

Find some pine cones and purchase a nice white metallic spray paint. If you spray paint the pine cones and let them dry, it will act as a nice contrasting ornament on the green pine tree. Use whatever string or ribbon you have lying around your house. It'll add some color and contrast to your tree!


All you need for this one is some good ribbon. Take some of the branches and tie different bows on them...Men, I recommend letting a woman do this. I have tried this in the past and it looks fairly awful when I make a bow. I think the fact that I wear Crocs and never tie my shoes may be part of it. Still, bows on a tree are another nice addition!

Plain Glass Ornaments

The dollar store is a great place to find cheap bulbs for your tree. Try this. Purchase some clear glass ornaments and remove the top. Fill them with fun little things around your house/yard (like sea glass, little branches, feathers...etc) and then hot glue the top back on. You'll transform a plain bulb into a fun unique bulb that can last for year to come. If you are really artsy, paint something on the outside as well!

Candy Canes

Kinda self explanatory...spend a dollar, take your candy canes and put them on the tree! What's a tree without a little food on it?

Soooo that's just a few ideas that I have, and some that we used in my younger years. I found this site which also has some great ideas (some of which I wrote about). Christmas decorating doesn't have to be pricey. It's fun to be creative, and you'll feel more accomplished when your tree is finished!

What homemade ornaments do you have on the tree?

Seth P.