DIY Canvas Photograph

It's wedding season. Which means it's also expensive-gift-registry-at-a-home-goods-store season.

I've already attended one wedding this summer and before September is through I will have gone to three more. These events can get pricey for guests, especially when it comes to purchasing one of the items on a couple's must-have list. 

That's why I make my own gifts. These do it yourself canvas photographs are cheap, cute and personal. They make great gifts for birthdays, the holidays, and of course, weddings.

All you need to create a custom gift for a friend or family member is a printer, iron, a digital photograph of your choice, an 8" by 10" canvas, one sheet of tissue paper, a sheet of regular printer paper, Mod Podge, a foam brush, scissors and tape. 

I purchased the Mod Podge and canvas at local craft stores using a 50% off one item coupon and a 25% off total purchase coupon. These coupons made the craft even cheaper. 

The steps for making these beautiful custom crafts are below. Let me see your creations!

1. Gather all of your supplies on a large work area.

2. Cut the sheet of tissue paper a little larger than a normal piece of printer paper. I cut mine down to 10" by 13". Carefully iron the wrinkles out of the paper using a no steam setting on your iron.

3. Fold the ironed piece of tissue paper over the sheet of normal printer paper. Fold the edges of the tissue paper over and tape to the printer paper. This will help guide the tissue paper through your printer and prevent jamming.

4. Print a digital photo resized to 8" by 10" onto the tissue paper. You may want to manually load the paper into the printer to ensure that it does not jam. Let the paper dry for a few minutes to prevent smudging. 

5. When the ink is dry, carefully cut the tissue paper apart from the printer paper. Trim down the tissue paper leaving just 1/4" of white around the image.

6. Using your foam brush, paint a thin layer of Mod Podge onto your canvas.

7. Quickly and carefully place the tissue paper photo onto the canvas. Do your best to get it lined up the first time, because trying to readjust may tear the tissue paper. Working from the center, gently smooth out wrinkles and bumps in the tissue paper.

8. Allow the Mod Podge to dry before gift wrapping or displaying.

Thanks to Little Bit Funky for inspiring me to do this craft. I can't wait to give out personalized photos to everyone I know.

Do you have any DIY gift ideas?

Kylie K.