Do more this summer and boost your savings!

This is it! Summer is in its final weeks and it is almost time to gear up for fall. For a lot of us, that means getting ready to go back to school. Let’s make the last few weeks worth every penny! If you want to boost your savings before summer is officially over - get to work! 

Sell, sell, sell! People love buying new stuff, especially when they can get quality for cheap. Plus, it is nice to support local craftsmanship and handiwork. If you have a hobby that you can list online or sell at a fair or an event…do it!

 Acadian Festival Summer Sale in Madawaska, Maine. August 2014.

Acadian Festival Summer Sale in Madawaska, Maine. August 2014.

Not into selling? You can offer extra help for a reasonable price! People love extra help, especially busy families or night-shift workers. You can earn yourself five or ten extra bucks for mowing a lawn, babysitting, walking a dog, or weeding a garden! 

Let’s face it, paying for school books, buying a car, or treating yourself to dinner with friends now and then is not cheap! And so, anything you can do to boost your savings is helpful. Even if it’s only five dollars here and there. 

Cash Breakdown Example:  How can this help your savings?

Mow 3 lawns (Aug. 26, Aug. 28, Aug. 30) @5 dollars:  $15.00

Walk neighbor's dog (Aug. 31) @10 dollars:  $10.00

Babysit (Sept. 5, Sept. 6) @20 dollars:  $40.00

Total extra income Aug/Sept.: $65.00!!!

Whatever you do, keep at it! 

Good luck!