Do You Want The Ultimate Job?

We're hiring!

My time as your Young & Free Maine Spokester is coming to an end! It's now time to find the next Spokester. The Young & Free Maine Spokester position is a 12 month term with an awesome salary. No cue cards. No scripts. Just you, being yourself, speaking for Maine's Credit Unions. 

Are you between the ages of 18 and 25? Do you love blogging, interacting on social media, and creating videos? Then this is your dream job!

As spokester you will travel all over Maine, connect with 18-to-25 year olds, and spread the word about credit unions. If you are creative, self-motivated, and outgoing you will thrive working as the Young & Free Maine Spokester.

Being the Young & Free Maine Spokester has truly been the ultimate job. I've traveled all over the state, meet new people, made new friends, and discovered new places. Plus my knowledge of credit unions and money management has expanded by tenfold. This has been an amazing learning experience and I definitely encourage YOU to apply to be the next Young & Free Maine Spokester!

Visit Young & Free Maine for more information and how to apply!

Good luck, 

Lauren R.