Don't do That in an Interview!

Today is our second installment in preparing for job searching, and today we are tackling the interview. There are definitely some things you should do while you are sitting in the hot seat, and things you shouldn't do. Being confident, doing research on the position you are applying for and dressing accordingly are all very important aspects of a job interview. What are some of the things you shouldn't do? While I haven't really interviewed anyone for the purpose of hiring, I can tell you that saying the wrong thing is probably a quick ticket to losing a potential job offer. So instead of talking about all the good things you can do, let's look at some of the negatives. Here we go!

Don't Lie

Sounds simple enough, right? Don't lie about your credentials, about how awesome of a person you are or anything else that just isn't true. Some people like to lie about their previous employment and how they were terminated. Maybe you got fired, maybe you were let go. Whatever it was, tell the truth. It's pretty easy for a future employer to pick up the phone and make a call to your old boss. If you lie and your interviewer finds out about it, it's game over for you!

Don't focus on the perks

If you are on a first interview, don't ask questions about the benefits of the job. What kind of benefits am I talking about? Don't ask about vacation or sick time, salary, 401K or anything of that nature. There's no reason for you to know about what they are offering until you get a second interview. If the interviewer brings it up, that's okay, but don't bring it up yourself. It will give the impression that you don't care about the job. You only care about the benefits it offers.

Don't sugar coat your weaknesses

I work too hard. I care too much...Come on! Don't lie about your weaknesses. We all have them, and an interviewer will be able to read you like a book if you try to sugar coat your weaknesses. You know what my weaknesses are? Sometimes I have a tendency to run later than I should. I forget to wear deodorant periodically (okay that's not a weakness as much as it is laziness) and I am a procrastinator. I get things done on time, but sometimes I wait way too long to start projects. See how easy that is? It's honest, and your interviewer will appreciate it more. Speaking of being late...

Don't be late to your interview!

It doesn't start the interview off on a good foot. Think about it. Someone is trying to hire you based on your abilities, and right off the bat you start off by being late. That is not a great way to wow the potential employer. Leave early. Get to the appointment early. Heck, even if you have to wait in your car for a few minutes it's better than showing up five minutes late.

For a bigger list of interview goof ups click here. It's totally worth it!

What are your interview tips?

Seth P.