Don't put That on Your Resume!

Happy Monday! We're going to talk a bit about gearing up for job hunting, applications and resumes, and what to do and what not to do in an interview this week. To kick everything off, I'd like to discuss resumes today. I feel like it's easy enough to know what to include in a resume (your experience, schooling, references) but what should you leave out? I don't hear people talk too much about things to exclude from a resume, but I am here to help you remove the unnecessary junk! Doesn't that sound lovely? You'll thank me later when you land that job you wanted. SOOOOO here we go! What should you not include? Well...

Jobs that are irrelevent to what you are applying for

Think about it. Your job as a mascot for the chicken joint down the road may not make you qualified to hold an office job. Chances are, you probably don't need to include it. I've personally done everything from food service, to natural lawn care, to being Santa Claus in the Bangor Mall (true story) but I don't include most of what I have done based on the fact that it doesn't build up my credibility. If it doesn't really pertain to the job you are applying to, don't include it.

Physical Attributes

There aren't too many physical attributes that would put me ahead of the crowd (maybe my awesome beard) but that's okay! If you have something in your resume talking about your ripped abs or the fact that you can run a five minutes mile, you should probably take it out. Last time I checked, most employers have hired both chubby and skinny people. Your weight, looks or any other physical component probably won't give you a leg up on the competition. It will probably just make you look like a tool.

Bad Grammar

HUGE PET PEEVE ALERT! I realize that I have spelling errors in my blogs from time to time, but something that is NEVER acceptable on a resume is misused or misspelled words. Don't use words like, Yeah, LOL, LMAO, SMH, or any other abbreviations that don't pertain to anything. If you have a Ph.D, you're allowed to use abbreviations. Don't say things like..."Graduated with a 3.9 LOL. You'll look like a doofus and most definitely get overlooked.

For a full list of all 10 "no-no's" check here!

What have you changed on your resume?

Seth P.