Don't Think, Just Save

Wouldn’t it be great if you could save money without thinking about it? You wouldn’t have to expend any of your precious brainpower to prepare for your financial future. Your money would magically accumulate in your savings account and stay there until you needed it for a major planned purchase, an emergency expense, or a future investment.

I have good news. You don’t need magic to save money. In fact, it is possible to save money without even thinking about it. 

Setup an automatic transfer

Contact your credit union and see what options they offer for automatic transfers between accounts. In many cases, you can schedule a recurring automatic transfer for a predetermined amount between your checking and savings account. I setup an automatic transfer from my free4ME checking to my savings every Friday using online banking. Like many people, my paycheck comes as a direct deposit to my checking account, so this transfer helps me save a portion of my paycheck on a weekly basis with zero effort after the initial setup. 

Don’t touch it

Once the money is in your savings, don’t touch it. Resist the urge to transfer any amount back into your checking for any reason. If it’s not in your checking, you can’t spend it. That’s the rule. 

Don’t even think about it

Pretend it doesn’t exist. Once the money has left your checking account, let it leave your thoughts until you need it for a specific and planned expense or unexpected emergency bill. 

Combined with other smart spending habits, this effortless practice can take the stress out of saving money.

Do you use an automatic transfer to save money?

Kylie K.