Don't Throw That Away!

Friday is normally my video day. Unfortunately, today you will not be graced with my lovely bearded face because next week there are TWO videos coming out. I'll be announcing the winner of our Sound Off contest, and also coming out with a new big announcement on Friday. I was so excited to bring out my real life Pinterest video today, but with the craziness of next week and the rainy unpleasant weather outside, I decided to take a rain pun intended. So instead today I am going to write a lovely little blog and gear up for a super exciting week coming up!

I've written on similar things before, but I feel that we throw away a ton of stuf each year that can be recycled or reused for more then what we think. For instance, I like to reuse my yogurt containers as food containers rather then throwing them out after my greek yogurt has been eaten. There's a ton of stuff around the house that is just begging to be reused, and I found a lovely little article that has some great advice on reusing stuff! Here's a few good ones!

Butter Wrappers

You open a stick of butter, and the wrapper has done its job right? All you have to do now is throw it into the trash....NO...WAIT! Think about this instead. Put your leftover butter wrappers into a plastic baggie and put them aside. The next time you have to grease a pan, use the leftover butter wrapper instead! It's a perfect amount of grease, and it also saves on extra butter usage. Try it...seriously. Do it.

Swim Diapers

I don't have children of any kind, so this one seems a little crazy to me. Nevertheless, it's worth a shot! Swim diapers are used when your toddler wants to go for a dip in the water at the beach, pool...kinda wherever. They are actually able to withstand more wear and tear so you can wash them a few times before having to throw them away. That being said, don't try and wash a poopy diaper. Those can go straight to the garbage. Still, if you have swim diapers handy, it may be worth trying out!

Tissue Boxes

Don't throw away that old tissue box! If you have plastic shopping bags from your latest trip, store them in the box for a more compact storage area. Keep one in your car, one in your house and one...well wherever else you may need a plastic bag. It's a much easier way store your leftover bags then cramming them all into a drawer.

Here's a full list of the 21 disposable products you can use for other purposes.

How do you reuse items?

Seth P.