Earn Extra Cash with a Seasonal Job

Halloween is over, the first Nor’easter is coming, and Thanksgiving Day is two weeks from tomorrow. The holiday season is upon us and that means it’s time to start thinking about gifts.

Giving gifts costs money. Lots of it. If you’ve been busy with school and life, chances are you haven’t had the opportunity to save up a hefty holiday fund. Don’t worry! There is still time to line your wallet with a little extra green just in time for the holiday shopping season.

With the help of a seasonal job, you can pick up hours during the winter months when you need the extra money the most. Seasonal jobs are great because they often require little training and they last only a few months or weeks out of the year. It’s a great opportunity to earn a few extra bucks, add a little something to your resume, and stay busy when you’re home on break.

Check out these cool ideas for seasonal jobs!

UPS Driver Helper

The holiday season is busy for UPS, so their drivers need help carrying tons of heavy packages. This job is flexible and you don’t need any special training. If you like to stay active, enjoy working outside and are comfortable with heavy lifting, this is a great seasonal job for you! Learn more on the UPS Job Search website.

Babysitting and Pet Sitting

It will be difficult to find a job with a company or business if you’ll only be in town for two weeks or less. Instead, let neighbors and family friends know that you’ll be available for babysitting and pet sitting. With so much travelling taking place over the holidays, folks are also looking for house sitters to water the plants and pick up the mail while they’re away. This is an easy and flexible way to earn some money while you’re home on break.


Clothing stores and other retail outlets get hit hard during the gift-giving season. They’re often looking for temporary workers through the holidays, for a few weeks or even a few days at a time. Some businesses hire temporary workers just for Black Friday. Snagajob.com has a list of seasonal retail jobs by state, as well as other year-round opportunities in other industries. 

Skiing/Snowboarding Instructor

Are you a pro winter athlete? Check out the ski resorts and mountains near you to see if they’re looking for instructors to teach kiddos skiing and snowboarding on the bunny slopes. This seasonal job is a great way to stay active and earn money doing something you love.

Whether you need the money for gifts, travel or just want to stash a little extra away for safe keeping, seasonal jobs are a great way to earn cash just in time for the holiday season. 

Have you ever worked a seasonal job?

Kylie K.