Ending Hunger in Maine With Music

Like many places throughout the country, there are many Mainers who are struggling to make ends meet. Often times families will have to choose between paying bills or having a meal on their table. It's something that is sad to hear about, but something that has not been overlooked by the folks at the Maine Credit Union League. In 1990 the Maine CUL began a campaign to help end hunger and feed the needy. Since the beginning of the program, the campaign has raised over $3.9 million in funds to help provide food for those who are struggling to put a meal on the table. The campaign brings in money from various different outlets, and one of the most recent is by creating a two CD compilation of Mainers who have made a name for themselves in the music industry.

The Amazing Music of Mainers Volume One debuted on November 1, 2010. It consists of 28 songs on two CDs. Each song on the album features a Maine musician or artist. Aside from having two CDs full of talented local musicians, with each purchase, $6 goes towards the Ending Hunger in Maine Campaign. I don't know about you, but it's always nice when something you buy goes towards helping those in need. Here are a few of the musicians who are on the album.

Rustic Overtones

Rustic Overtones got their start in Portland, Maine. While they took a four year break from 2002-2006, they are back and touring the country. "Light at the End" is the name of the song on the Mainers album. I couldn't find a great quality video of "Light at the End", so here's their song "Combustible".

Jonathan Edwards

Jonthan Edwards has been creating music for nearly 50 years now and plays a mean guitar and harmonica. If you like folk music, check him out. "Shanty" is the name of the tune on the Mainers album. According to Edwards, this song is known as the Friday song to many different radio stations (Sorry Rebecca Black). He also enjoys covering classic songs. Here he is covering "People Get Ready"

Johnny Hiland

Johnny Hiland hails from Woodland, Maine, and can pick a guitar with the best of the country music greats. When I listened to him, I thought he had a Brad Paisley sound to him. Here he is ripping up the frets with "Chicken Pickin'"

Those are just three of the 28 artists on "The Amazing Music of Mainers". I encourage you to go out and snag a copy of this two CD set. You can purchase a copy at your local credit union. You'll not only get some great music, but also help feed families in Maine.

What Maine artists do you listen to?

Seth P.