Ending Hunger in Maine

Hunger and food insecurity is a major issue everywhere, even right here in Maine.

In the words of Brenda Davis, founder and director of Crossroads Ministries in Old Town, “Hunger is a disease on our society. When we don’t have food, we can’t function. It is a basic need that we have.”

For the past 11 years Brenda has been suiting up in her bright orange sweatshirt, yellow hardhat, and backpack of supplies for a journey through many Maine communities to raise awareness of the hunger issues in Maine. She travels on foot from credit union to credit union, logging hundreds of miles in the process, to spread the word and raise funds that go to support ending hunger in Maine. This year Brenda walked nearly 700 miles and raised over $30,000 that will go directly to those in need.


Last Friday I joined Brenda for the last leg of her walking tour. It was 13 degrees outside when I left my house, bundled in several layers of clothes and sporting my running sneakers. We began our 6.2 mile walk at Seaboard Federal Credit Union in Hermon. The air was cold, but Brenda just smiled and took off at a brisk walk up a grassy hill, leading the way on the final stretch of her month-long journey.

When we crossed the finish line at Changing Seasons FCU in Hampden two and a half hours later, we were greeted by credit union staff, members of the local media and some of Brenda’s family. As Brenda received the giant check, she thanked all the credit unions for their generous contributions to the cause of ending hunger in Maine. Brenda’s walking tour helped food pantries in 77 communities, a record-breaking number, but she says, “There is still work to be done." 

I was very honored to join Brenda on the last leg of her walk and raise awareness in our community and generation about food insecurity. Walking along busy streets in the cold November wind was not easy and I only went 6.2 miles… I can’t imagine doing 700!

To learn more about the Maine CUs’ Campaign for Ending Hunger and the walking tour, visit MaineCUL.org.

There is more than one way to help end hunger in Maine. You can contribute to the cause at any credit union. Every dollar goes directly to ending hunger in the state. You can also help by donating your time at a local food panty. 

Congratulations to Brenda Davis for another successful walk!

Kylie K.