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Ending Hunger in Maine Walking Tour

 Bredna Davis

Bredna Davis

Brenda Davis, the Executive Director of Cross Roads Ministries in Old Town--a hunger organization serving eastern Maine--started a walking tour across Maine to raise money and awareness to end hunger in our state.

Maine's Credit Unions have been raising money to end hunger in Maine since 1990. Since then, they have raised over $4.8 million toward the cause. In 2002, Brenda approached The Maine Credit Union League to combine their efforts.

And their partnership is how the walk began. The Social Responsibility Committee at the Maine Credit Union League developed the CU Campaign for Ending Hunger in association with Partners in Ending Hunger as a way to create a statewide social responsibility program to help end hunger in Maine.

According to the Maine Credit Union League website, the mission of the Walking Tour is to raise awareness about the severity of hunger in Maine. Because many parts of Maine are rural in nature, many people have to travel great distances to receive food assistance.

In a number of instances, these people lack the transportation necessary to receive that assistance and are forced to walk miles to the nearest food bank or pantry. The Walk, in part, symbolizes the struggle that many Mainers go through just to get food for their families.

Brenda started her tour on October 25 and it will end on Wednesday, December 4th at the Bangor Federal Credit Union. The Walk will visit every county in Maine, encompass 750-800 miles on foot (nearly 1,800 combined by car and foot), 80 communities and 88 credit union locations.

The best part is, Maine's Credit Union Campaign for Ending Hunger will make contributions for every credit union location Brenda visits. And 100% of the money and food pantry contributions made stays right here in Maine to provide Mainers with food and nourishment. 

Today & tomorrow Brenda will be in the Central and Western Maine areas. If you see her, say hello or wave!

November 14

  • Winthrop Area FCU – Winthrop
  • Monmouth FCU – Monmouth
  • Monmouth FCU – Greene (branch office)
  • Sabattus Regional CU – Sabattus

November 15

  • Community CU - Lewiston
  • Lewiston Municipal FCU – Lewiston
  • Great Falls FCU - Auburn
  • Maine Family FCU – Auburn

For more information and Brenda's walking route, log on to The Maine Credit Union League website. 

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