Enjoying Life With Little Money

Okay, so today I may end up showing a little bit of the hippie in me in today's blog. For those of you don't know me personally, I sometimes pretend that I am a hippie, or at least embrace some of their values. I enjoy eating organic, not wearing shoes, slack lining and have always dreamed of having dread locks...okay so my hippie ways stop there, but still, I enjoy being outside and occasionally smelling like patchouli. One of the things I strive to do is to live a somewhat frugal life and save my money. One of the questions that arises though is how to save money when there are so many bills to be paid. I know that right now, a majority of my bills come from rent and utilities. I stumbled across an interesting article from Yahoo! Finance which talked about how to live well on a budget of $11,000 a year. Is it possible? Well, according to this article and this man, yes! How does he do it? He lives in an RV.

It may not seem like the greatest idea at first, but the article makes many compelling arguments to taking measures to live in an RV to help cut down costs. The article explains that Glenn Morrissette, a professional musician, lives in an RV to keep his costs down. He doesn't pay rent or mortgage and doesn't has no need for a car because he has a moving house. He can choose where he wants to live, and at the same time, gets to travel and bring his livelihood with him. Personally, I think it's a great idea for someone who isn't ready to settle down, wants to see the country or just wants to cut back on costs.

Now, let's also consider the down sides to this style of living. If you have a family, it would be awfully hard to do this because you'd probably need a place to school your children (unless you home school). This style of living is definitely not for everyone, and I wouldn't recommend it to everyone either. There is also the issue of purchasing a smaller RV, which Morrisesette spent about 14K on the RV. He did pay off his car debt and now owns the vehicle so he has little to no bills at all. He cooks on the road (he has the means to cook in his small RV) and pays a little more for health insurance because he is self employed. Even though it may seem bare bones, he has even set aside money for himself for retiring purposes.

While I think this article is great, I also understand that living like a nomad is not for everyone, and also quite hard if you have a job that requires an office. Otherwise, I do think it is a great idea to cut down costs and to help save money for future endeavors. Even if it was something that you did for a few years, I bet it would make for great conversation and stories. Who doesn't like a good story? Check out the article either way because it goes through different ways to save money. Do it!

Could you live out of a small RV for a few years?

Seth P.