Feel Good Blogs

Hey everyone, happy Monday! I know that we all occasionally get a "case of the Mondays" and want to just sit in our houses with our sweat pants on and have a blah day (I may or may not be currently in sweat pants). One of the things I find that help brighten my day are to follow up on some of my favorite blogs from day to day. I have found countless amounts of amazing material on these blogs that nearly always lift my spirits. Here are some of my favorite blogs to follow on a Monday, especially if you need to get out of that blah phase. Here we go!

Welcome Home Blog

If you are someone who is in the armed forces, or has a loved one in the armed forces, you should probably read/watch this blog. The site contains lots of videos of soldiers coming home to surprise their family members in creative ways. I will warn you though...some of the clips are major tear jerkers, so get some tissues ready!

Gives Me Hope

If you wake up on a Monday morning and need some read encouragement, check out givesmehope.com. This blog contains stories of people who have experienced happiness in the midst of craziness, people who want to brighten your day, and other great stories about people who have been given hope by others. I'll admit that some of the stories are not overly exciting to me, but every once in a while I will come across an awesome post that is thought provoking and helps me remember to be thankful for the friends and family that I have. What a great way to start the week!

Ring on the Finger

A wise scholar once said, "If you like it than you shoulda put a ring on it."...okay so that was Beyonce, and not a wise scholar. Still, this website includes various videos of people proposing and the creative ways to do it. Some people choose flash mobs, others choose fancy crazy ideas that are beyond me. Regardless, it's fun to see proposals and get ideas on how you may do it yourself some day!

SI Hot Clicks

Yeah, I'm a sports buff. I can't tell you why, but something about reading sports blogs just makes my day. I love Sports Illustrated Hot Clicks because it combines pop culture with sports culture. I have found awesome music acts, great sports stories and other random news that gets me all fired up. If you want to start your week with a good mix of sports and pop culture, start here!

So there is a mix of some of my favorite blogs. Anytime I am having a blah day, I like to stop by these for a little mental Pick me up!

What are your favorite blogs?

Seth P.