Fires Are Destructive, Plan to Prevent

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This morning was red:  red lights, red trucks, and red flames. Nothing is more destructive and devastating than the color red. 

A fire took our neighbors' mobile home without mercy. 

Luckily, everyone is safe, and the fire is out. But the devastation and the lost belongings are ever-lasting.

That's where help comes in! 

For young people just starting out, a fire can be extremely disastrous. An emergency savings fund can help with a tough situation. Make sure to ALWAYS have money saved up in case of an emergency. Help from others is never under appreciated. Organizing fundraisers or donations for victims can be significant.

To prevent fires in your home, make sure you are keeping an eye out for these everyday things:

  1. Cooking safety "Keep an eye out for what you fry!"
  2. Fireplaces, space heaters, baseboards, etc. "3 feet from the heat!"
  3. Smoking safety 
  4. Electrical and appliance safety
  5. Smoke alarms
  6. Home fire escape plan "Be able to escape in 1 to 2 minutes or less!"
  7. Clean the lint from your dryers, and keep clothing AWAY! 

Don't become a victim to a house fire! Stay safe and prevent! 

Stay safe,