First Day on the Job

Holy smokes! It seems like just yesterday I was walking into my best friend’s house expecting a casual lasagna dinner. Instead I found a surprise party in my honor complete with family, friends, all-you-can-eat Subway sandwiches and a job offer. That job offer, of course, was for the Young & Free Maine spokester position, and today I’m starting my yearlong reign as the voice of Maine’s credit unions for the 18 to 25 crowd. After a month of planning and preparations, I’m ready to get started. 

I have so many things in store for the next year and I can't wait to share them with you. Get ready for these features and much more!

  • Budget-Friendly Ideas
  • Fitness Tips
  • Recipes on Fresh-Baked Fridays 
  • DIY Projects
  • Fun Finance

Get the latest Young & Free Maine info on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to keep an eye out for The Green Machine on the road. I look forward to meeting everyone and making this a fun, educational and memorable year.

Kylie K.