Free Checking at CUs

Why pay for checking when you can get it free at a CU? It’s all part of the credit union difference.

Bankrate recently conducted a survey of the nation's top 50 credit unions, finding that 72% of credit unions have free checking accounts, while only 39% of banks offer free checking.


At participating Maine Credit Unions, you can find a free checking account that’s tailored to your needs as an on-the-go 18 to 25 year old. The Free4ME account features free checking, with tons of perks like online banking, Oops! Refund, SURF ATM access, a $10 iTunes gift card when you join, and much more. Sounds good, right?

Credit unions understand that we don’t have a lot of money. We don’t want to be spending our hard earned dough on high fees. With the Free4ME account, and other free checking accounts at many of Maine’s Credit Unions, you don’t have to.

Find the perfect credit union for you at Check the box to search for CUs near you with the Free4ME account and join today.

Kylie K.