Free, Free, Free

Is there anything better than the word free? Freedom, freewill, carefree, Free Bird, freebie, Young & Free. I love the word free.

I love the word free even more when it’s paired with a checking account offered at many of Maine’s credit unions. The Free4ME checking account is designed with the needs of 18- to 25-year old Mainer’s in mind. 


With the Free4ME checking account you’ll get a FREE debit/check card, FREE use of the SURF ATM network, FREE online banking, FREE e-statements, a FREE $10 iTunes gift card and no monthly or per-check fee. That’s a lot of free.

You know what else comes free with any account at a credit union? Superior customer service, friendly staff, and confidence that your money is staying safe and local.

With all these free perks, you’ll save a lot of money. Did you know that our generation could pay up to $50,000 in our lifetime in fees and interest? Keep your $50,000!

You can find a credit union near you with the Free4ME account using the credit union locator, just check the box to search. Don't see a credit union near you with the Free4ME account? No worries! Maine's Credit Unions offer a range of checking accounts and other products to suit your needs. No matter the account, you'll always enjoy the benefits of being a credit union member. 

Yes, free is good. I love all the perks I get with my Free4ME account. Now if only heating my house was free. Brr! It's freezing outside!

Stay warm!

Kylie K.